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NextGen CMECF Overview

The Electronic Case Files System (CM/ECF and NextGen CM/ECF) are case management systems being implemented in the Federal Judiciary for all bankruptcy, district and appellate courts.

The case management systems allows courts to accept filings and provide access to filed documents over the Internet.


  • 24-hour access to case file documents over the Internet
  • Ability to file pleadings electronically with the court
  • Automatic email notice of case activity
  • Ability to download and print documents directly from the court system
  • Concurrent access to case files by multiple parties
  • Savings in time and expenditures for attorneys
  • Expanded search and reporting capabilities
  • Easy to use -- based on Standard Internet browser
  • No waiting in line or unavailable files at the courthouse


  • Replaces aging electronic docketing and case management systems in all federal courts by 2005
  • Is being used enthusiastically by attorneys in pilot courts nationwide
  • No delays or added expenses associated with mail or courier services
  • Speeds delivery and allows easier tracking of case activity
  • Reduces physical storage space needs and document processing times
  • Low start-up costs -- uses Internet standard software and established "PDF" format
  • Secure and reliable
  • Court dockets are immediately updated and available

Please click the link to accesss our case management system (NextGen CM/ECF).