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Published Opinions

The Eastern District of Pennsylvania offers a database of opinions, listed by year and judge. For a more detailed search, enter the keyword or case number in the search box above.

Opinion Date: 06/07/21
Published Opinion:  MANNION, DECLAN H. & JACINTA M.
Chapter: 7
Case Number(s): 20-11073ELF
                                20-0197 (adv)

Opinion Date: 05/24/21
Published Opinion: KNEER, MATTHEW
Chapter: 7
Case Number(s): 19-16705ELF

Opinion Date: 04/30/21
Published Opinion: WALKER, STEPHEN TODD
Chapter: 11
Case Number(s): 20-13557ELF

Opinion Date: 04/28/21
Published Opinion: BIZ AS USUAL, LLC,
Chapter: 11
Case Number(s): 19-16476 ELF

Opinion Date: 04/15/21
Published Opinion:  LEWIS, LENA D.
Chapter: 13
Case Number(s): 18-12958AMC (order)
                                  18-00240 (adv)

Opinion Date: 04/15/21
Published Opinion: CHEW, EDITH M.
Chapter: 13
Case Number(s): 20-12591ELF

Opinion Date: 04/08/21
Published Opinion: STAMP, WAYNE ROBERT
Chapter: 13
Case Number(s): 19-17452ELF
                                  20-100 (adv.)