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  • Will CM/ECF create PDF/A forms?
    All three CM/ECF products -- Appellate, Bankruptcy, and District -- will automatically create forms in PDF/A format, without user intervention.
  • How will the Record On Appeal (ROA) and Appendix functions be affected?
    The ROA and Appendix created by CM/ECF will be in PDF/A format, and "live" links will be preserved. Appellate courts will use the ROA and Appendix as they do now.
  • How does the PDF/A requirement affect data-enabled (“fillable”) forms, such as those downloaded from the web site?
    Just as with PDF, fillable forms such as a bankruptcy petition or a credit counseling certificate must be in PDF/A format before they are filed in CM/ECF. A PDF/A can be created by “printing” from the browser.
  • How does the PDF/A requirement affect EOUST?
    EOUST will convert data-enabled forms to PDF/A prior to submission.
  • How will the PDF/A requirement affect the Bankruptcy Noticing Center?
    The Bankruptcy Noticing Center will produce certificates of service in PDF/A format.
  • How will the PDF/A requirement affect third-party software vendors (e.g., bankruptcy petition and trustee software)?
    Third-party software vendors will provide PDF/A documents. Products will be tested prior to any date that the judiciary recommends for requiring PDF/A.
  • How does the PDF/A requirement affect users of StampPDF?
    StampPDF documents are not in PDF/A format and must be converted to PDF/A with a product such as Acrobat 9 Professional.
  • How does the PDF/A requirement affect Mac users?
    Microsoft Word 2008 for Mac cannot create PDF/A documents, but can create PDF documents which can be converted to PDF/A. Alternately, a Mac user can install and use OpenOffice, which is available for free.