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Required Procedures for Non-Filing Users

        Effective December 1, 2003, all attorneys who are not registered ECF users, as defined in Exhibit A to Standing Order M03-3005, must file a computer disk (either floppy or compact disk) containing a copy of the document in Portable Document Format (PDF) along with a paper copy of their document. Attorneys who are unable to create and file documents in PDF format in their offices must do one of the following: (1) convert their documents from some other format (i.e., Word or WordPerfect) utilizing a computer which will be available in the Clerk’s office or (2) scan the paper document utilizing a document scanner which will be available in the Clerk’s office (you must bring a floppy disk or CD on which to save your scanned documents).

               Documents not filed electronically, not filed on a disk in PDF format, or not scanned at the Clerk's office may, after notice to counsel with an opportunity to cure the defect, be stricken by court order as improperly filed.

Joseph Simmons
Clerk of Court
October 29, 2003