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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The “Filing Without an Attorney” section is revised to include "plain language" definitions and expanded materials.  The more robust section contains:  .

  •    Clarification as to who can file without an attorney (a.k.a., "Pro Se");
  •     Updated and enhanced version of "Bankruptcy Basics" manual;
  •     More information for Debtors, includes checklists to assist with credit counseling, means testing, and financial management requirements;
  •     Additional Information for Creditors, including 341 meeting information and guidance on filing a proof of claim;
  •     A roster of legal services and local bar associations within the jurisdiction on finding an attorney;
  •     Online legal resources, including links to the  bankruptcy code, local rules, and federal rule of bankruptcy procedure; and
  •     Helpful frequently asked questions on general topics, debtor issues, creditor needs and adversary proceedings.  

We hope you find the new and enhanced section helpful as you navigate through your bankruptcy proceedings.