Published Opinions

The Eastern District of Pennsylvania offers a database of opinions, listed by year and judge. For a more detailed search, enter the keyword or case number in the search box above.

Opinion Date: 08/29/12
Published Opinion: THE HARRIS AGENCY, LLC,
Chapter: 11
Case Number(s):09-10384JKF

Opinion Date: 08/27/12
Published Opinion: STYLER, AMY L.
Chapter: 7
Case Number(s):08-21349REF

Opinion Date: 08/19/11
Published Opinion: HENRY, RICHARD B. & HENRY, JENNA L.
Chapter: 13
Case Number(s): 10-16529ELF

Opinion Date:08/14/12
Published Opinion: LAMPE, HAROLD C. JR.,
Case Number(s): 08-18025JKF

Opinion Date: 07/30/12
Published Opinion: BELL, KENNITH L.
Chapter: 7
Case Number(s): 09-15352ELF

Opinion Date: 07/27/12
Published Opinion: OMEGA OPTICAL, INC.,
Chapter: 11
Case Number(s): 11-13036BIF

Opinion Date: 07/19/12
Published Opinion: LEWIS, WENDY ANN
Chapter: 13
Case Number(s): 10-12633JKF