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CM/ECF Claims Upload Feature Now Available

The CM/ECF web site for the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania now features a new Claims Upload module. Due to the extensive setup effort required by the user, we expect it likely to be adopted only by creditors with very large volumes of claims activity. This feature requires the filer to use XML and ZIP files pursuant to specifications published in the document "Description of the Process for Electronic Filing of Bankruptcy Claims Information in CM/ECF by Creditors" available on the PACER Service Center web site at Prior to using this new feature, the specifications outlined in the PACER Service Center publication must be in place.

To request access to the Claims Upload module, please write to

Timothy B. McGrath,
Clerk of Court
U.S. Bankruptcy Court
900 Market Street
Suite 400
Philadelphia, PA 19107


email requests to

A request should:

(a) demonstrate a mastery of the specifications outlined in the PACER Service Center publication cited above, and

(b) identify the CM/ECF participant account(s) you request us to activate. Once approved, a user will be granted access rights in the training database before filing batches in the live database.

To obtain further information, please visit the PACER Service Center website or call 1-800-676-6856 or Systems Help Desk at the court at 215-408-2860.