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Amended Official Bankruptcy Forms 11/14/01

The Judicial Conference has approved amendments to two Official Bankruptcy Forms to be effective December 1, 2001. The forms that are amended are Official Form 1, Voluntary Petition, and Official Form 15, Order Confirming a Plan.

Official Form 1, the Voluntary Petition, has been amended to require the debtor to disclose whether the debtor owns or has possession of any property that poses or is alleged to pose a threat of imminent and identifiable harm to public health or safety. If any such property exists, the debtor must complete an Exhibit C describing the property, its location, and the potential danger it poses.

Official Form 15, the Order Confirming a Plan, was amended to conform to amendments to Rule 3020 of the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedures which also are expected to become effective December 1, 2001. The amendments will require that, if the plan provides for an injunction against conduct not otherwise enjoined under the Bankruptcy Code, the order of confirmation shall describe in reasonable detail all acts enjoined, be specific regarding the injunction, and identify the entities subject to the injunction.

Joseph Simmons
Clerk of Court
November 14, 2001